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HCH is open to anyone who wants to join! Have you always wanted to learn to play the bagpipes? Are you interested in drumming, or were you a drummer in high school or college and are interested in playing again? We would love to have you!

In addition to adults, HCH offers an alternative to sports and traditional extracurricular activities to children from any school or home school. There are no dues or fees. We practice regularly during school schedules and all lessons are in a structured environment.

Piper_Beginner_PC Beginning bagpipers will start on a practice chanter. Over a school year, they will learn basic music theory for pipers, how to properly play with embellishments, and should have several tunes memorized (and be comfortable playing them) before moving on to the full size pipes.
The Great Highland Bagpipe is not an intuitive instrument like a horn or orchestral woodwind. Proper training is paramount! Transitioning from the practice chanter to the bagpipes is done in stages: learning the parts of the instrument and how they work, building up stamina, and training the ear. The piper will also learn how to play while marching solo as well as in a group, taking commands from the Pipe Major or Drum Major. In a pipe band, the bagpipers provide the melody. Piper_on_Pipes
Beginner_Snares Side/Snare students learn Scottish/Highland style rudiments for playing the specific pipe band style scores using traditional grip. The pipe band snare drum is a high tension drum with two snares, giving a very crisp sound. The snares add dynamics to the pipe band.
Tenors add rhythm to the pipe band, as well as the visual excitement of flourishing their mallets to accent the melody the pipers are playing. Beginner_Tenors
HCH_Bass_Drum The bass drum is the heartbeat of the band, keeping all the instruments in sync with proper tempos.

Practice Location

new lasman circle small Laser Mania905 Hardy St.

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Tuesdays 6-8pm